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Bodhisattva Yoga is a new style of yoga.

At DCYOGA, we our main practice is a special type of yoga called Bodhisattva Yoga. It was created by teachers who continually allow their practice to evolve with their own spiritual growth rather than strictly adhering to any partictular style. Boddhisatva yoga can be as physically and spiritually challenging as you want it it to be. It is specifically designed to help YOU get better no matter what level of experience you have. There are no requirements for participation, only the desire to be happy and healthy.



It’s more than just stretching and “namaste”. It’s about feeling great and having an easy life. Exercise as little or as much as you want to.


Healing starts from within. We want you to find the root of your problems and start to heal, so you can focus on what really matters.


We believe that it is important to practice mindfulness in daily life, its as simple as being kind and avoiding things that stress you out.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Dr. James is a practicioner of integrative medicine. He studied alternative medicine at the Indian School of Alternative Medicine and has been studying and teaching yoga for over 20 years. He has traveled all over the world and he learned that people were healthier in cultures when they avoided toxins, excercised, and didn’t eat a standard American diet, so he developed DCYOGA and the Bodhisattva School to help make ancient healing knowledge available to everyone.

Natalie is an experienced wellness coach who has a passion for helping people get better. She is a mom of 2 who understands the importance of being healthy. After years of struggling with both mental and physical health, she finally decided to take control of her own body and has never felt better or been happier.

Together they are bringing change to their small, Florida community and the world!

Dr. James

Practicioner of Alternative Medicine

Natalie Rath

Wellness Consultant
(321) 714- YOGA

Merritt Island, Florida